Civic eState – URBACT III Transfer Network

Pooling the urban commons as civic patrimony

20th – 21st September 2018
Ex Asilo Filangieri, Naples, Italy

The Civic eState network is one of 25 “Tranfer Networks” approved by URBACT in April 2018. Civic eState is the Urbact transfer network whose purpose is to transfer through adaptation a Good Practice realized by the City of Naples.

The Civic eState network is centered on the policy challenge of co-designing and co-producing with City inhabitants legal and sustainability tools for urban commons governance. The urban commons are tangible and intangible assets, services, infrastructures that are considered by the City of Naples as of collective belonging that are taken away to the “exclusive use” proprietary logic and characterized by a shared and participatory administration, as well as collective ownership. The revitalization of the urban historical heritage represents a cultural, economic and social challenge, but also a spur for the city to re-elaborate its identity creating a new bond with the citizenship and private/entrepreneurial sector.

Civic eState partners
City of Naples, Lead Partner (Italy)
City of Barcelona (Spain)
City of Gdansk (Poland)
City of Ghent (Belgium)
City of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
City of Prešov (Slovakia)

• 20th September 2018: Internal meeting

12:00 Reception: Arrival of participants, registration

12:30 Light lunch at the venue

Welcome speech
Luigi de Magistris, Mayor of Naples
Carmine Piscopo, Councillor of Urban Planning, City of Naples
l’asilo, community

Presenting the URBACT programme
Kristijan Radojčić, URBACT Secretariat networking officer

Introduction to the Civic eState network: pooling the urban commons as civic patrimony
Nicola Masella, City of Naples project coordinator
Christian Iaione, Lead expert
Setting up a common understanding of our network’s objectives for Phase 2

Pecha-Kucha presentations
Showcasing Civic eState partners’ challenges and strategies for the transfer process
Partner share the main features of the policy challenge addressed by Civic eState in their city

16:15 Coffee break

Emerging urban commons legal statement

17:00 Site Visit

19.30 Dinner

21st September 2018

8:30 Reception: Arrival of participants, registration

URBACT III Transfer Networks
Kristijan Radojčić, URBACT Secretariat networking officer
Phase 2 Transfer Journey
Q&A Session

Submitting Phase 2 project proposal: what’s required from our side?
Christian Iaione, Lead expert
Nicola Masella, City of Naples project coordinator
Defining Phase 2 Activities, kick-off meeting proposal, Q&A

11:00 Coffee Break

Transfer potential assessment: wrap-up
Christian Iaione, Lead expert
Exploring assets and barriers related to transfer

13:00 Lunch

Learning from communities: social and cultural activities
Naples’ communities experts

Transfer and site Visit @exOPG Je so’ pazzo

19.30 Farewell dinner

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City of Naples
Urban Planning Department
Carmine Piscopo
Councilor and responsible for the coordination
of the project within the City Council of Naples
Daniela Buonanno, Renata Ciannella
Project staff for the Urban planning Department

Lead Partner Team
URBACT Projects and Networks on Integrated
Urban Development Policies – Central Direction
Urban Planning and Management – UNESCO Site

Nicola Masella
Project coordinator
Roberta Nicchia
URBACT Local Group coordinator
Phone +39 081 7958932 – 34 – 17

Lead Expert
Christian Iaione